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San Diego destination wedding photographer

I believe life is a gift, and photography is one of the
best ways I know to explore and understand this gift.

My heart swells when I’m surrounded by the raw beauty of the natural world or when I’m allowed into the hidden corners of another person’s heart. I started this business because I wanted to work alongside people, get out in nature, create art, and make a difference. I wanted to use my skills and passions in the most impactful way I could dream of.

For me that meant establishing a photography business with the vision of giving back and creating direct impact through my work. Every year I donate a percentage of my time and profit to cover the cost of my services and travel in order to work with a small non-profit or organization dedicated toward social change. It’s how I began and it’s a commitment I both stand firm by and look forward to with joy.

I feel honored that I’m also able to participate in the unique craft of documenting the lives of individuals, couples, and families. I realize I have a special place beside my clients during their most momentous seasons, and I don’t take this for granted. It’s my goal and hope to not only deliver images that will beautifully and accurately depict their story, but also to eliminate stress and bring more peace and happiness throughout the process.

I care deeply about my clients,
believe in their love,
and will be rooting for
their marriages long after
their wedding day
has come to an end.

When we work together, my impact is yours.

San Diego destination wedding photographer

Things I love

San Diego destination wedding photographer


When I was a little girl I had a sense of pride in my home state, and as I’ve gotten older that has evolved into a deep love and appreciation for it. I feel blessed to call home the place where I feel a wild freedom, curiosity, and peace.
San Diego destination wedding photographer


It started with family trips and got out of hand with semesters spent abroad…the wanderlust. I have it. Ryan and I both want to have visited as many countries as our age at any give time. We’re a few behind this year so please, take us with you!
San Diego destination wedding photographer


The third and quirkiest member of our family, Marilyn, joined us just before New Year’s in 2015 and we’ve been enamored with her and her crossed baby blues ever since. Fun fact: our friend Aubrey was her foster kitten mom!
San Diego destination wedding photographer


My love! Although we technically first met in college (Ryan remembers, I don’t), we didn’t truly connect until a chance meeting in Nakuru, Kenya 5 years later. After 3 days together we knew our lives were headed in the same direction.
San Diego destination wedding photographer


Community to us means the people we live life with throughout the year. We feel so thankful to have a system of support, encouragement, accountability, and quality time with our family and friends in San Diego. Also – thank you to Westlund Photography for our wedding photos!
San Diego destination wedding photographer


We love our families—the ones we were born with, the ones we married into, and the ones we’ve chosen to live life with. It’s amazing to us to watch our families grow and our relationships deepen as they become stronger over the years.

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